Companies have reported more than $ 2 billion in lost laptops last year! Employees of various companies have lost more than 85,000 laptops – show the latest research “The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Problem”

Research by the Ponemon Institute, comparing 329 US public and private companies with 1,000 employees. Up to 75 thousand. Employees in more than 12 industries have shown that the total loss of all surveyed companies was $ 2.1 billion, an average of $ 6.4 million per company. The value of losses is enormous. The average value of a lost laptop is $ 49,246. Surprising? This value was calculated on the basis of seven components: the cost of a new computer, problem detection, investigation, data leakage, intellectual property loss, productivity reduction, consultancy and paperwork. It is worth noting that the element with the least effect on the overall cost is the price of new equipment.

According to Check Point security experts, the priority of any business should be an education system and employee engagement in activities that help the entire company take security seriously.

On average, over 12 months, 263 portable computers have disappeared or temporarily disappeared in each business, which together totaled 86,455 laptops (in the large companies surveyed). As much as 43% of laptops were lost outside of the company (work remotely at home or in the office), 33% died in transport or travel, and 12% lost at work. As many as 12% of companies could not tell where their employees or contractors lost computers. Although nearly half (46%) of lost hardware contained confidential data, only 30% of laptops had encrypted disks, 29% of backups, and only 10% of other theft protection.

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Most often stolen are computers with the most sensitive and sensitive data (although these computers generally have encrypted disks). In each case, the company managed to recover an average of 12 laptops. The industries with the highest percentage of lost laptops are education and research institutions, health and pharmaceuticals, followed by the public sector. Financial services companies had the smallest loss ratio.