Secret US Army documents, obtained by McClatchy, show a great lack of precision drones used to fight Al Qaeda leaders. As a result of unmanned airplanes, several dozen people were killed in a terrorist organization.

Jonathan McClatchy has documented how to use American drones in the fight in the Middle East. It was intended to be used solely for targeted attacks on individual Al Qaeda terrorists, but documents show that unmanned aerial vehicles are used extensively. According to McClatchy, as many as 265 people, among 482 killed by the CIA until September 2011, were rated “unknown extremists”.

The new CIA chief John Brennan publicly acknowledged in 2012 that armed drones are used for terrorist attacks and that these actions are “legal.” He also admitted that attacks on Al Qaeda took place 73 times, but the use of drones for other purposes is justified. Because they can be potential attackers, terrorist trainers and bomb makers for them.

McClatchy is of the opinion that there is a lot of confusion in the CIA chief’s statement. The journalist focused on the imperfections in identifying goals. As an example of the attack on February 18, 2010 at Badruddina Haqqani, second deputy leader of Netizens Haqqani. Instead of the target, dron killed Brother Bardruddin, Mohammed Haqqani. The younger brother of the terrorist, according to his friends, was a religious student but was not involved in terrorist activities. According to the CIA, he was an active member, but he did not play any role in the terrorist organization.