Earlier this year, during the presentation of the capabilities of the new Windows 10, Microsoft also showed Surface Hub, a giant tablet for business applications. The American company has just announced that its latest product will be available in store shelves in September this year.

The Surface Hub is a device that does not resemble typical Surface tablets, because of their size comparable to large TVs. Equipment will be available in two versions, namely the 55 “and 84” screens, displaying the image at 4K resolution and supporting the multidote.

Depending on the version of the heart of the device will be an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. It also supports 100 touch points and three stylus simultaneously. They also feature dual 1080p cameras, Bluetooth technology with NFC for easy pairing with a smartphone or tablet, and a wide range of ports to connect various devices.

The Surface Hub is designed for business use, and it works well in conference rooms because it also supports video conferencing. The device will be equipped with Windows 10, however, it will not be a full version of this system, only much truncated and fit into the features of the giant tablet.