The most burdensome procedure for passengers at airports is to check luggage during which our items are being carried in bags and suitcases. Qylur has, however, developed a device that will avoid this unattractive spectacle and provide similar luggage control efficiencies.

Qylur has developed a device called the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution, which acts as a luggage scanner. The device consists of five chambers of average microwave size. The passenger walks up to him and then applies his ticket to the door of one of the chambers for scanning.

The container then opens and luggage is placed in it, which is subjected to a thorough X-ray inspection and chemical sensors that check for explosive charges, and over the whole process is watching for contraband. When there is nothing in the bag, it can be picked up on the other side of the machine. If any undesirable objects are detected, an alarm is triggered.

The manufacturer of the scanner ensures that it can check up to 600 passengers per hour, and only four people are required to operate it. One such device is already operating in Paris Disneyland, another has been tested at the World Cup in Brazil, and yet another is at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco.