Electric cars Tesla Motors do not really belong to cheap, but still sell well. Soon they can sell even better, as the producer has prepared for prospective customers a very exciting promotion, where several lucky people will be able to visit SpaceX, owned by Elona Musk.

Tesla Motors and SpaceX consortium belong to the same man, billionaire and visionary Elm Musk, and that’s all they have to do. However, the owner invented a promotion that would not only encourage customers to buy electric cars, but also promote his second business.

As part of an advertising campaign, anyone who asks a friend to buy a new Tesla S will have the chance to win a tour of the SpaceX headquarters, which is usually not available to the public. In total five such trips were prepared, and under the program, each winner will be able to visit four Los Angeles space consortiums. Of course, the company covers travel and accommodation costs.

This is not all, as the tour of SpaceX headquarters is only an additional reward. The main prize is the Model X in the best version of equipment Ludicrous P90D.