SpaceX is working on high speed internet

The SpaceX consortium managed by Elmo Mus is not limited to space exploration projects. The company does not forget our planet and plans to build its own network to provide high-speed internet access.

Most of SpaceX’s consortium projects, headed by Elon Musk, focus on ideas about space conquest and alien planets. The company plans to send astronauts to Mars in a few years, and in the longer term would like to colonize it.

However, the company does not forget the Earth and its inhabitants and plans to provide them with high-speed satellite internet access. The latest SpaceX project is to include a total of 4425 satellites in orbit on Earth, which will operate on the high-speed Internet. The cost of this venture is estimated at $ 10 billion.

Of course, the company Elona Muska will not be able to handle it himself and count on the support of big corporations. It is supported by this idea of ​​Google and Fidelity Investments, which have so far invested in SpaceX total about $ 1 billion.

At first, SpaceX would like to obtain permission to launch 800 satellite telecommunications to provide Internet access in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The new network will be an alternative to cable, fiber and other forms of Internet access offered on the US market.…

Microsoft’s gigantic tablet with release date

Earlier this year, during the presentation of the capabilities of the new Windows 10, Microsoft also showed Surface Hub, a giant tablet for business applications. The American company has just announced that its latest product will be available in store shelves in September this year.

The Surface Hub is a device that does not resemble typical Surface tablets, because of their size comparable to large TVs. Equipment will be available in two versions, namely the 55 “and 84” screens, displaying the image at 4K resolution and supporting the multidote.

Depending on the version of the heart of the device will be an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. It also supports 100 touch points and three stylus simultaneously. They also feature dual 1080p cameras, Bluetooth technology with NFC for easy pairing with a smartphone or tablet, and a wide range of ports to connect various devices.

The Surface Hub is designed for business use, and it works well in conference rooms because it also supports video conferencing. The device will be equipped with Windows 10, however, it will not be a full version of this system, only much truncated and fit into the features of the giant tablet.…

Pepsi confirms entry into the smartphone market

A few days ago, Chinese sources reported plans to create so- Pepsi P1, the first smartphone signed by the well-known PepsiCo., Which produces popular carbonated drinks. Then it was just a rumor, but now we know officially that such a product will actually arise.

PepsiCo spokesperson in the media has confirmed the plan to launch the first smartphone licensed by Pepsi, which will only be available on the Chinese market. However, the company will not create the device itself, but will license its partners to manufacture the device and accessories and distribute it.

Although the company’s spokesman did not confirm the specification of the device, however, from previous leaks we know that it will be very decent. The Pepsi P1 will be equipped with a 5.5-inch Full HD screen and the MediaTek MT6592. The operating memory will be 2 GB RAM, and in addition we can count on 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front. The power to work will provide a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, while functionality will provide Android 5.1.…

Leaked US Army secret documents

Secret US Army documents, obtained by McClatchy, show a great lack of precision drones used to fight Al Qaeda leaders. As a result of unmanned airplanes, several dozen people were killed in a terrorist organization.

Jonathan McClatchy has documented how to use American drones in the fight in the Middle East. It was intended to be used solely for targeted attacks on individual Al Qaeda terrorists, but documents show that unmanned aerial vehicles are used extensively. According to McClatchy, as many as 265 people, among 482 killed by the CIA until September 2011, were rated “unknown extremists”.

The new CIA chief John Brennan publicly acknowledged in 2012 that armed drones are used for terrorist attacks and that these actions are “legal.” He also admitted that attacks on Al Qaeda took place 73 times, but the use of drones for other purposes is justified. Because they can be potential attackers, terrorist trainers and bomb makers for them.

McClatchy is of the opinion that there is a lot of confusion in the CIA chief’s statement. The journalist focused on the imperfections in identifying goals. As an example of the attack on February 18, 2010 at Badruddina Haqqani, second deputy leader of Netizens Haqqani. Instead of the target, dron killed Brother Bardruddin, Mohammed Haqqani. The younger brother of the terrorist, according to his friends, was a religious student but was not involved in terrorist activities. According to the CIA, he was an active member, but he did not play any role in the terrorist organization.…

The date showed a monitor to reduce eye fatigue

Persons who spend whole days in front of computer monitors know the seriousness of eye fatigue. There are solutions that slightly reduce them, but I-Data has a more interesting proposal, namely a special monitor.

The I-Data LCD-MF225XBR2, featuring a 21.5-inch diagonal display screen at 1920 x 1080 pixels, is equipped with technology to reduce eye fatigue by reducing the intensity of blue light.

You have the choice of five levels of blue light reduction settings and, if necessary, completely disable this feature, especially if the quality of your image is more important to you, because there is no hiding that the option has some effect on it.

As far as the technical specifications of the monitor are concerned, as is the case with modern equipment, the matrix is ​​backlit with LED technology, has a 5 ms response time and a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, as well as viewing angles of 160 degrees vertically and 170 degrees horizontally. The manufacturer has also equipped with two stereo speakers of 1 watts per each, as well as a full range of connectors, such as D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.…

The smartphone will show us the composition of the drink

If you are worried that the drink ordered at the bar will not have the same proportions of ingredients you should have, you will soon be able to personally check it out. Tel Aviv University researchers are working on a hypervisor camera for smartphones that will provide us with accurate information about the drink composition in seconds.

The goal of the researchers is to create a hyper-visual camera that will allow you to conveniently determine the composition of different substances. This is an image recording technique that generalizes color photography to a full color space in visible light. By scanning electromagnetic traces of individual substances, you can determine the level of their content.

Of course there are already hyper-reflective cameras, but David Mendlovic and his team want to create a much smaller version that can be integrated with smartphones.

Naturally, this is just a preliminary design and before you have such a device ready for action, you still need to put in a lot of work. The key element of such a system is the creation of a large database containing hyper-reflective signatures of various substances.…

Nam to buy Tesla S, and you will visit SpaceX spaceport

Electric cars Tesla Motors do not really belong to cheap, but still sell well. Soon they can sell even better, as the producer has prepared for prospective customers a very exciting promotion, where several lucky people will be able to visit SpaceX, owned by Elona Musk.

Tesla Motors and SpaceX consortium belong to the same man, billionaire and visionary Elm Musk, and that’s all they have to do. However, the owner invented a promotion that would not only encourage customers to buy electric cars, but also promote his second business.

As part of an advertising campaign, anyone who asks a friend to buy a new Tesla S will have the chance to win a tour of the SpaceX headquarters, which is usually not available to the public. In total five such trips were prepared, and under the program, each winner will be able to visit four Los Angeles space consortiums. Of course, the company covers travel and accommodation costs.

This is not all, as the tour of SpaceX headquarters is only an additional reward. The main prize is the Model X in the best version of equipment Ludicrous P90D.…