A few days ago, Edwars Snowden, the world’s most sought after man who revealed the secrets of American intelligence, joined Twitter and almost immediately became one of his most popular users. The analyst did not turn off email alerts, however, and ended up with more than 47 GB of email arriving in his mailbox.

Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, is currently the most sought after man in the world. Many people in the US government would like to get it in their hands because of the intelligence they reveal, as well as the programs of surveillance by politicians, journalists and the rest of the world. Snowden is hiding, but he still reveals more evidence of criminal intelligence. Recently he even set up a Twitter account where he hopes to share more revelations.

However, he forgot to turn off email notifications for every interaction associated with his account. Twitter sends an email every time a post is made available, a new follower, etc. Due to the popularity of the analyst, over 47 GB of email ended up in the inbox.