If you are worried that the drink ordered at the bar will not have the same proportions of ingredients you should have, you will soon be able to personally check it out. Tel Aviv University researchers are working on a hypervisor camera for smartphones that will provide us with accurate information about the drink composition in seconds.

The goal of the researchers is to create a hyper-visual camera that will allow you to conveniently determine the composition of different substances. This is an image recording technique that generalizes color photography to a full color space in visible light. By scanning electromagnetic traces of individual substances, you can determine the level of their content.

Of course there are already hyper-reflective cameras, but David Mendlovic and his team want to create a much smaller version that can be integrated with smartphones.

Naturally, this is just a preliminary design and before you have such a device ready for action, you still need to put in a lot of work. The key element of such a system is the creation of a large database containing hyper-reflective signatures of various substances.