US plane passengers will soon have to agree to a further restriction of their privacy. At the Dulles airport in Washington DC, the border guards are testing a brand new face detection system that will provide better detection of the criminals sought.

American media has announced the launch of several months of tests of the new facial recognition system that is taking place at Dulles Airport, Washington. Border guards will photograph all passengers and then compare photos taken with photos in passports. In this way, the border guards will be better able to detect criminals and those with no flights.

As you may have guessed, the new idea aroused great concern from privacy advocates who feared that the new method of checking passengers could severely restrict it. However, the border guards ensure that they will not directly connect the photos with people (as it intends to verify the identity of the passengers) and also promises to delete all photos after the experiment ends.

Experts, however, rightly point out that there is no guarantee that the program will respect privacy as provided by border guards. All the more so, the earlier actions of American government agencies show that the concept of privacy in their dictionaries practically does not exist.